Letters from Past Clients of Knowles Kennels



Hi Eddie-

We just wanted to drop you a note to say hi and send you some new pictures.  Guinness is doing great....he is really starting to fill out and change...he is really muscular!!  He weighs 93 pounds of solid muscle and he is gorgeous...his head is ENORMOUS.  I attached a few pictures that were taken a while ago, but I also included a picture of Guinness with our friends new AB puppy.  I think the picture demonstrates what we love most about Guinness....he is a gentle giant!!

We can not express to you how much we love Guinness and what a wonderful breeder you are.  Guinness is a great protector and guard do for our family, but at the same time he is sweet, gentle, and loving with all pets, people, and children.  We couldn't have wished for a better family pet...although he can be very stubborn sometimes.....but that's a bulldog for you!  Anyway we just wanted to give you an update, and once again let you know how much we love this dog!  


Meghan and Brett Russo  



What's going on man?  Just thought we would drop you a line and some pics of Scrappy.  We don't know how many times we have said this, but we could not be happier with her and the bulldog she is becoming.  We know she was a pick of yours, and it's easy to see why.  She was a kennel dog when we got her from you, but she quickly acclimated herself with the comforts of being a house dog.  (Although, crate training was taxing at times.)  She has an excellent temperament, she loves kids, if we did not know better we would think your kids hand raised her, and most of all she always seems to be smiling. We have socialized her as mush as anyone can and have seen no signs of dog or human aggression.  The fact that she gets along with our male is testament enough, she is quick to put him in his place when is being a jerk and cuddle with him when its bed time.  Scrappy's food drive is awesome.  If you are holding a treat or some food she will do damn near anything, making training very easy.       

We would also like to thank you for making yourself available to us whenever we had questions, or just wanted to pick your brain.  You produce quality dogs and your a stand up guy.  We are going to be looking for another dog, yes a thrid, this fall our first call will be to you.      Keep in touch and we will definitely see you at the Heart of Dixie this April.  

Thanks for everything,  

Jamie and Holly  



Attached are some pictures we took of the little guy this weekend.  He is the most amazing puppy I have ever had.  The trainer I am working with said she hasn't seen an American Bulldog with such a stable temperment.  She loves the breed but the ones she has seen are not stable so has been shying away from them.  He loves to work.  I belive he enjoys his training sessions more than I do.  I have never purchased a puppy without hands on and putting all my faith in a breeder and a puppy sight unseen was a huge leap of faith for me.  I wish all people who breed dogs had the same level of integrity as you.  Let me know what you of Chaos. 

Take Care,



Hi Eddie,  

We have been remiss about sharing our absolute joy with Mel.  He became an immediate part of our family when Tony brought him home in Sept.  Our holidays were even more enjoyable with our new addition.  We cannot thank you enough for choosing a pup for us with such a great demeanor!  Neither of us have ever owned such a loving dog before.    Training has been remarkable easy.  He is very obedient; heels, sits, stays, and plays with manners! We have just returned from a long walk in the snow, which he loves.  He is also growing at an incredible rate.  Our vet expected a weight gain of approximately 2-3 pounds per month, but he has gained four pounds this month and now weighs 36.5 pounds.

 We hope you and your family enjoyed wonderful holidays.  We sent a holiday picture to you of Mel, and will send more in the future.  Sometime soon he will need a playmate, so keep us in mind.  

All the best,

Joanne and Tony Vukovics 

We are saddened to hear of the disappearance of this outstanding dog.  We feel that this letter really shows what an outstanding companion an American Bulldog can be.  If anyone should ever see or hear of this dog in the Colorado area, please let us know!


Dear Eddie and family,

Hope find that 2004 treated you well, and the holidays were full of joy for you all.     This e-mail is sent to you in great regret.  Since November 27th, De-bo has been missing.      David and I went to Vail for Thanksgiving and had to keep De-bo with my parents.  They were referred to as Grandma and Grandpa for De-bo.      My parents live in the country, they have a small farm and has lots of room for the dogs to play.  The whole time De-bo was there they never left the house.  If they did it was only to go for a walk with my Dad.  They said that if Levi was to go to the fields, De-bo was always next to the house.  The only place that you can't see for at least 2-3 miles away is North of their house over a big exchange ditch.  On each side of the house the closest road is no less then 1 mile away.) On the 27th, Grandma and Grandpa were getting ready to bring De-bo back home to us.  They let him out of the house at 7 in the morning to play with their dog "Levi".  Those dogs would wear each other out, they played well and got along great.  Grandma, was always checking on them.  She said that around 9 they were playing in the yard.  Then about 9:30, Grandpa went outside to put De-bo's bed/toys and bag in the pick-up to bring him home.  Grandpa yelled for the dogs and Levi came to him, but not De-bo.  Levi came running up over the ditch bank that is North of the house.  Grandpa run up the ditch bank, which is dry this time of the year to call for De-bo.  Still no De-bo.  My mom called me at home and immediately Dave and I were there with in 15 min. looking for De-bo.  We drove around and walked all the ditches and fields.  We talked to all the neighbors (even the distant neighbors.)  And NOTHING>>We were still walking with flashlights and finally quit the search around 9.   That night it was a cold one and started to snow.  We figured that if De-bo was around he would end up on somebody's door step wanting to come in from the cold.  The next day we had the police/state patrolman/vets/friends/neighbors/shelters/newspapers all notified about a missing dog.  We put up a reward and did all we could.  Still Nothing     Just tonight we got a call from some friends that had a dog (which they thought might of been De-bo) around their house and called me.  Sadly it wasn't him.  But it's now January and we are still looking and still have hope.      When we talked to the sheriff's department they had many calls about lost or stolen dogs.  We are thinking he was stolen.  De-bo was almost too friendly and would get into anybody's vehicle.   We are thinking that De-bo and Levi were called over to be stolen.  Levi has never liked or hasn't figured out how to get into the vehicles.  We think Levi wouldn't cooperate but, De-bo did.     

  Dave and I have been keeping the faith, but each day it gets a little bit less.  Our holidays were sad not knowing where De-bo was, and if he was warm, fed and not hurt.  I guess all we can do is pray that he is alright.  It's just so hard NOT KNOWING>.        We finally got a digital camera, and I'll be sending you some pics of De-bo.  They are not the best, because these are actual pictures that I have taken pictures of.   But, in the pictures you'll see that he was an awesome dog, and he was loved by the whole family.  He's the most awesome dog we'll ever have.  He was honestly like a human..  It would amaze Dave and I on how he know what we were telling him.       If we never see him again, at least we were blessed to have him for the short time we did.       He was our child and he was very much loved.

  I tried to call you last night, but wasn't able to contact you.  I had a hard time leaving you a message, it's still really hard telling somebody that we lost our close friend. I also regret not keeping you updated on his growing and all he did for us.  Sorry, that we are now just contacting you and it has to be bad news.


David and Laura Mendenhall  


Hi Eddie-

      Just wanted to wish you a happy holiday!  Guinness is doing great!!  He is so strong and beautiful!  He is the sweetest most adorable pet you could imagine!  He has the most incredible personality......he makes everyone laugh! 

Anyway, Happy Holidays....and here are some recent pictures!  

Beast Wishes,

Meghan and Brett Russo



        Just a quick up date. Deacon is doing very well with the new training. All of the people plus the instructor are impressed with him. There were alot of new dogs Sunday and of course Deacon was the dog with the most prey drive. No other dog was anywhere near his drive.He continues to be a great all around dog like you said he would be. My buddy is in the process of getting a Doberman ($2500.00) puppy and he hopes he will be as good as Deacon. Had he been able to see Deacon in action before he put the money in I think he would have gone the AB way. Well if he has any trouble I'm sure Deacon can go catch his dog for him and drag him back.  I will take some more pictures when he turns 7months.

Hope all is well with you and your family.  



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