Working Photos


2005 National Show, Ft. Payne, AL

Protection Tournament

3rd Place

(This was Rosco's first Protection tournament.)


Heart of Dixie Show

Protection Tournament

HOD 2005 Iron Dog Competition

Hardest Hitting

1st Place


HOD 2005 Iron Dog Competition

Weight Pull

190 lbs. dead weight = approx. 4,000 lbs. or over

(This was the most dead weight that Rosco has pulled,

compared to 175 dead weight = approx. 3,800 lbs.

he has pulled in the past.)


Rosco at the 2004 Florida Show

Rosco pulling and winning his first

IronDog Competition


Rosco doing the hardest hitting for the

IronDog Competition

Rosco ready to go hunting!!

Rosco at 12 months getting his first weight pull title at the

2002 Fort Payne Show



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Working Photos

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