Letters from Past Clients of Knowles Kennels


My little man is so great, if I could I would buy another one. I attached a picture of "Butch". He's 3-4 months now and

he already knows 4 commands......smart dog. I got him sitting, laying down, come and give me a kiss. I still don't know if he's going to look like Rosco, but so far he looks great. He's a great dog. Listens very well, and he seems to be very smart and picks up on things right away.  I can't believe that I got him doing 4 commands at 3 months. I show people and they can't believe it. Of course he's stubborn at times and doesn't listen to anything you say, but once you play with him for a while then he calmes down. Crate training was as easy as 123.... I had him sleeping in the crate from the day you send him to me, so that went real well. If I'm really happy with this breed in a year or two I might be purchasing a female from you as well, so keep me in mind for a nice diesel female. I hope all is well, and if you want to talk to me feel free to give me a ring.


Hey Eddie how are you? I haven't talk to you in a while and just wanted to send you a picture of Butch so you can see how he's turning out. This is from last weekend. I build him that house. It's finished now, but I don't have a picture of it finished. Anyway, he's doing great!

Take Care!






Hey Eddie and Jenna!

We thought you guys would like to see a picture of Apollo. He is getting so big! We took this picture about a month and a half ago. He looks pretty much the same just taller. The kitty in the picture is a stray we took in a couple of years ago. He and Apollo wrestle and play all the time. It's the funniest thing to watch them together.



Apollo is doing great with the training, haven't quite mastered the "come" command. Any advice you have on that is greatly appreciated!!:)
He is full of energy and keeps us busy! The other pic was taken on his first hike with us. That was a challenge but it was lots of fun!!




Well we hope you'll enjoy these pics.

Take care.

Cherisa & Marshal Kline

Hi Eddie,

Zoe is doing wonderful, total air conditioning girl & very healthy, She will be 9 months August 7th @ 70# ( I hope she gets bigger) she is very smart and loving also sleeps with us, and at my feet when I'm at my desk, loves to be picked up and held like a baby (by me only) in fact she will run and jump into my arms when I come home (my sore back), still doesn't like baths, she loves to run until she drops then she likes to lay there and loves to be hosed down (the only time) Then she goes to the fan while she's wet and lay's in front of it. When we get rain and the pond fills up she likes to get all muddy. Hates getting her nails done, But loves getting brushed - (women). Her only weakness is typical puppy things like slippers, shoes, garbage cans, but easy to deal with. She also likes very much plants & grass just like Mac. As for pics they will follow a little later as I have to get a new cam as I just dropped this one. Just let me know if there is anything else you would like to know and I will do my best to answer your questions.

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Take care


Thanks for checking up on my pup. Feels good to know a breeder that isn’t just interested in the dollars. You make fine dogs… …and I’m proud to get one of them. Thanks for showing me your dogs when I came out. Roscoe is impressive. A picture doesn’t do justice to the strength that is apparent when you see him in person. And Foxy Roxy… ..I love the head on her. I haven’t seen a better head on any other standard female.

Here are a few pictures of this little monster. She has everything that I want in a pup. She is non stop all day long. More than once she has fallen asleep with her tug wedged in her mouth, then woken up later and given it a shake before spitting it out. She’s a pistol… …a smoking one at that. I’ll keep in touch!… Thanks again,

Richard Matteson


Hey Eddie, Yeah… …that’s our website… …but it’s the one my wife did. Mine is www.rivercrestbulldogs.com. Thanks for this pup. So far she is growing up great. Lots of nerve and brains. Congratulations on your win at the NKC Nationals. From what I hear the Joshua dogs made a clean sweep of the Standard class. I’ve attached some pictures of her that I took today.


Richard Matteson


Hey! Just wanted to let you know that the puppy is doing great. He spent the majority of the 5 hour drive home asleep.....and yes.......he was on my lap. He is also feeling much better today. He is very active and playfull, which my kids are so excited about. He spent last night in a kennel right next to my bed. As long as one of us had our hand in the kennel he slept. I think we need to be tough tonight because we can’t always continue to sleep like that.....ha ha ha. I just thought you would like to know how wonderfull he is. We also looked on the Joshua website and noticed that he has almost the exact same markings as Joshuas Josh. His butt is exactly the same. He is BEAUTIFUL!

Take care - Kristy








This Letter just came in about Rosco & Roxy litter 2003!

I just wanted to let you know that Meghan took the pup to the vet
today for a check up, and he passed the exam with flying colors! The vet
said that he was one of the healthiest, and most happy little pups that she
has seen in some time (by the way, I keep calling him he, we named him
Guinness). She was also very impressed with the the "puppy package" you
sent detailing his vaccination and health history. She said that you must
be a very knowledgeable and more importantly, a very reputable breeder.
Meghan confirmed that fact and told her how awesome you have been throughout
this whole process. I just wanted to pass along this positive info and let
you know how much we appreciate your thouroughness and obvious love for this
wonderful breed of dog. Guinness is adjusting nicely. He slept through
most of the night last night and is becoming more and more familiar with his
new surroundings. We will definitely stay in touch and be sending some
pictures as he grows and gets older. Also, if we can ever be a reference
for any of your future owners, please don't hesitate to let us know. We
have already given your name to a friend of ours that absolutely fell in
love with Guinness and wants to look into getting her own.

Brett and Meghan

Brett Russo
Marketing Consultant
Travelers Life and Annuity
Retirement and Investment Services

Hello Eddie,

I would like to thank you for my pup Rowdy Boy. As you know and have seen , this dog has high prey drive and nerves of steel. He caught his first eighty pound hog at five or six months old, and if you remember he caught his first real 275 to 300 pound hog when he was just eight months old. Unfortunately he broke his jaw that night, but we still had a time getting him to break or let go. He is my 4 year old daughters big teddy bear, and the neighborhood children love him. He is one year old and so far so good with my adult male boxer. They share a dog house and are all day wrestling partners. This dog is wonderful with other animals even cats and kittens. He loves anything but a hog. Unless it for dinner! His ability to learn is like no other. It's like I don't need to take the time to teach him anything. He just dose what I ask. Like he was programmed at birth. If so, you need to show me how you did that. His only bad habits are pulling and chewing off tree limbs, pulling up young trees and hedges, and trying to eat the lawn mower and weed eater. I guess he's just flexing his muscles. He can and will do anything I ask. I'm so impressed with my dog. Thanks a million. He was worth my one and a half year wait. He was like a Diamond waiting to be found. Now back to business. Lets go hunting Thursday night. You bring Rosco and I'll bring Rowdy.

Lacy Murray
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