Our guarantee is simple. I don't have a lawyer making up fancy words for me this is how it is. We strive at Knowles Kennels to produce the best old time performance American Bulldog. We carefully plan all of our breeding and know our breeding stock perfectly. We strive for all the qualities listed in our mission statement. If at any time during the first year of the puppies life and with a written report from a veterinarian, the dog has any genetic defect that substantially effects the quality of life of the puppy, we will replace the puppy no questions asked. We take great pride in all of our dogs and expect any purchaser to do the same.

All of our puppies will be treated for parasites before they leave our kennel. In addition, our puppies and adult dogs are put on a strict balanced nutritional diet along with exercise; we expect all new owners to continue what we started at birth to grow and produce the best possible American Bulldog. If you take care of your new puppy as they should be cared for, you will have the ability to enjoy a great breed of dog, as I have for many years. Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed !!


Prices can change but usually all litters are first come first serve and sell for $1,300-$1,500 per pup, a $300 non-refundable deposit is required. Sometimes we will have dogs for slightly less. I want to stay in close contact with all my sold puppies, so I do make special arrangements from time to time.

Please contact me at any time !!

Eddie Knowles

Phone: 850/ 668-7563

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