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If a Show is being advertised somewhere and it is not listed below, The Show is NOT BEING SANCTIONED by the National Kennel Club.  For a show to be sanctioned by the NKC it must be applied for in writing to the National Kennel Club.  A club is not to advertise they are having a sanctioned Show before they have applied for it and it has been approved by the NKC.  If you have any questions contact the NKC office at 865-932-9680.

Any Club wishing to hold an NKC sanctioned Show must summit proof of insurance along with the show application for the show to be scheduled.


March 11th & 12th 2006
South Texas American Bulldog Association
The South Texas Showdown
Seguin, TX
Show Information


The Weekend of May 27th 2006
NKC National American Bulldog Show
Double Points Awarded
Top 10 dogs in AB Dog of the year also entering in final class for the
National Dog of the year.
Knoxville, TN
More details will be available soon.


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